OXO Sinktop Sponge Holder

In collaboration with Smart Design and OXO I helped design and develop the new OXO sink organizer line. Some of the driving interactions that our team revealed were having the ability to store multiple sponges as it felt necessary to store more rough and soft scrubbing sponges for use. The additional needs that tied itself to the OXO design requirements were ease of cleaning, comfort of the dis-assembly of the product, and fast sponge drying.

My exploration shows how I was able to explore a variety of concepts that directed itself to a PC tray with an assembly of stainless steel rods and filter screen. The final refinements were in the details in where the user is able to pour out the excess water collected from the sponges through a pour spout and a series of pill-shaped drain holes that signify a signature OXO style.

The OXO sponge holder was last rated at 4.4 stars out of 5 from Amazon out of 260+ reviews. It has been proven to not only be a nice accent to the sink but also being a functional organizer.